Vespa Store TVC

TVC design & production

Vespa Store (Tulshi Motors)

"Invented in 1945, the Vespa, today enjoys iconic status worldwide. The Vespa combines its originality and classic look with contemporary performance and functionality. Over the years, Vespa's timeless style has been embraced and loved by many generations from all over the world. It has led the fashion that never goes out of style. A born classic, Vespa is both historic and futuristic. It truly exemplifies the words, Fashion Unchanged."

The TVC we designed for Vespa Store (Tulshi Motors) heralds the arrival of the iconic scooter in Manipur. It is a play on the idea of arriving; expressed with the iconic Vespa colours.

The video can be viewed in HD on our Vimeo channel here, and our YouTube channel here.

Client: Vespa Store (Tulshi Motors)
Design & Production: W√£rakki Ways

VFX, Editing & Direction: Korou Khundrakpam
Concept: Kundo Yumnam
Production Manager: Ratika Yumnam

Zenia Huidrom
Ratika Yumnam
Tolomkhomba Karam
A. Shashikanta
& Monbi (the lab)

The score used in this TVC, "Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)" by spinningmerkaba is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Video stills from the project: