Our Private Literature

Publication design

Burning Voices

Our Private Literature is a periodical journal with independent theme(s) on each issue published by Burning Voices, a non-profit engaging with artivism. It features poetry, prose, and essays written by the members of the group as well as guest contributors. It also features artworks and illustrations done by artists in the group.

Our task was to design and mediate the production of the journal. The project posed many specific challenges as it was to be designed using the most cost effective methods which were also scalable according to demand. One of the methods included hand-binding the pages. The resulting product is a monochrome print on tinted paper achieved through photocopying a master print. And the book was bound and cropped by members of BV in a casual meet-up.

We came up with a design that utilised the nature of the medium and technique at hand. And what resulted was a very unique product owing to the specific limitations of the project.

The e-book versions of the publication can be found here.

  • Our Private Literature vol II issue I   
  • Our Private Literature vol II issue II   
  • Our Private Literature vol I issue I   
  • Our Private Literature in the making