MAMI logo

Identity design

Mamikon Academy of Moving Image

Mamikon Academy of Moving Image is an enterprise which was started to promote the growth of Manipuri cinema with an engaging discourse on social relevance, creativity and technicalities of filmmaking. MAMI is the key driving force behind the Participatory Project on Film Production held in Imphal, Manipur, which is aimed at introducing a group of emerging filmmakers to visual aesthetics and film theory. It is a sister concern of Mamikon, a film production house which gave us films such as Ilisa Amagi Mahao, Machetta Loiba and Nong-su Taarakhidre.

Our approach to the identity design for MAMI was to come up with a symbol which clearly delineates cinema and yet talks of the socio-political significance of this culture. We came up with a synthesis of the visuals of a cinema screen and a window, subtly referring to the potential of cinema as an enabling social practice. This design was realised with creative inputs from Ningthouja Lancha and Ta Vala of MAMI.