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Colour & Space

Colour & Space is an upcoming service based enterprise which provides interior as well as exterior design solutions. The name has its root in the concept that color and space are two of the most elemental and necessary components in design. The TVC we designed for Colour & Space aims to introduce the enterprise as life enhancing service provider. It rides on a comical story to deliver the idea.

The video can be viewed in HD on our Vimeo channel here, and with English subtitles on our YouTube channel here.

Client: Colour & Space
Design & Production: W√£rakki Ways
Director: Kundo Yumnam
Production Manager: Ratika Yumnam
Cinematography & Editing: Korou Khundrakpam
VFX: Rahul Laishram
Script: Kundo Yumnam

Ta Vala
Rishikanta Thokchom

The score of this TVC features
"La Madeline Au Truffe (composed by Jeris)" by basematic (feat. Jeris (VJ_Memes)) licensed under a Creative Commons license,
and "circus man" by Jeris (feat. A.M. mews by MommaLuv SKyTower) licensed under a a Creative Commons license.

Video stills from the project: