Shared Solace

event concept and design

Burning Voices

This is a comprehensive project we did with Burning Voices, a non-profit engaging in artivism. Burning Voices was organising an event in New Delhi, in the midst of ongoing political turmoil in Manipur, to reiterate the historical, cultural, and social unanimity of the Indian Northeast region. It was a gesture encouraging peaceful consensual solutions to the prevalent problems.

Our task was to design the overall ambiance of the event and provide textual and visual essentials. After working with the theme and copy lines, we came up with publicity posters, an invite, a pamphlet, a souvenir poster, publicity banners, and an animated projected stage banner.

A textual excerpt from the project: “The hills and valleys of the Northeast today remain engulfed in a mist of violence and injustice. In the midst of all the painful experiences that surround us all, let us witness a brief affair of visual and performing arts from the region and try to find solace in a reaffirmation of shared culture and vision of human creativity. With a humble belief that a commonly shared solace will pave the way to better times.”

  • Event posters   
  • Event poster prints   
  • Invite   
  • Pamphlet (view 1)   
  • Pamphlet (view 2)   
  • Pamphlet (view 3)   
  • Pamphlet (view 4) / Souvenir poster   
  • Animated projected stage banner